we aim to not only enhance your practice, but enhance the world we live in by selling premium quality, eco-friendly yoga mats and planting one tree per mat sold.



we believe it is our duty as human beings to respect the planet. we aim to make responsible choices in each step of the process. from our packaging, to the natural rubber mats themselves, to planting a tree per mat sold, we pay close attention to the impact we have on the world. head over to our responsibility page to learn more about what we do to stay as green as possible.



one thing we will never scrimp on is quality. after many different samples and suppliers, we are confident that we are providing yoga mats of the best possible quality. your mat is your safe space, so we want to make sure it really is the best of the best. our mats are not only super grippy and durable, making them great to practice on, but are also kind to your body as they are free of chemicals and toxins. practicing yoga is great, but if you are breathing in harmful gases while doing so, then it seems a bit counterproductive!



these days, it can be difficult to make choices because people are flooded with different options. we like to keep things simple. this is reflected throughout our business from the design of the mat, to our simple 14-day returns policy.



we are passionate about what we do - every part of the journey. another journey we are passionate about is yours. these mats have been created with you in mind, made to enhance your practice and your journey whether you are brand new to yoga or have been practicing for 20 years.