now this is important! to ensure you are able to enjoy your mat for as long as possible, we want to make sure you are aware of the best cleaning practice. get yourself a soft cloth or towel, ensuring it is not rough or scratchy as the top layer of the mat can sometimes be quite delicate if not approached with care. prepare some warm water and washing up liquid, use this to wet the cloth, ring it out and proceed to wipe down your mat gently with the damp cloth. try not to soak the mat too much. allow your mat to dry naturally before storing away. do this as frequently as you like.

please ensure your body is free from oil and moisturiser before stepping onto your mat – it can cause unsightly damage. this extends to any oils you may wish to use to scent your mat – please avoid.  

if stains appear on your mat and the above cleaning instructions do not remedy them completely, it is likely that these stains are from friction/pressure or some form of oil or moisturiser. this is more evident on some colours than others. don’t worry – these stains are solely interruptive on an aesthetic level and will not interfere with or affect your practice.

mats should be stored flat or rolled up. in order to preserve youth, please do not fold your mat as it may cause some wrinkles on the top layer. if you like to keep your mat rolled up, ensure you roll it with the top layer (coloured side) on the outside, just as it is presented to you on delivery. again, this will ensure the top layer does not wrinkle and the mat will also lie nice and flat next time you go to use it.

mats should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight to avoid speeding up the biodegrading process. this is not to say you can’t enjoy an outdoor yoga session on a summer’s day though! as long as the mat is returned to a cool place after. your mat will come with a bag which is also handy for storing your mat.  


we now ship to a number of countries worldwide. please see below for the list of countries we ship to. if your country isn't here, reach out to us at contact@yogapieces.co.uk 


United Kingdom


Hong Kong
South Korea

North America

Dominican Republic
United States

South America



New Zealand



please be aware that you are responsible for any taxes and duties charged by your country.

orders placed before 2pm Monday-Friday will be sent out the same day. UK delivery time is around 2-4 business days, while international is around 3-5 business days. 

we understand that finding the right yoga mat for your practice is important and sometimes it is necessary to check it out in person. whilst we believe you will not find a better quality or better value for money mat on the market, if you happen to change your mind about your mat, you have 14 days to return it. items must be in a resaleable condition – this means in the original packaging, un-used and un-damaged. we do not cover the shipping cost for returned goods. please email us at contact@yogapieces.co.uk to start the returns process. 

please be aware that because of both COVID-19 and BREXIT, international shipments are taking much longer than usual. we are doing our best to ensure there are no delays on our end however, once the package is handed over to the courier, the delays from here are unfortunately out of our control.

it is currently customers in Europe who are facing the longest wait times for their mats to arrive. 

so if your package is taking a little longer than usual, please do not worry.

we will always provide you with a tracking number, but if at anytime you want to ask a question about your shipment, please don't hesitate to send us a message. 


all types! our mats can also be used as general exercise mats and for other types of exercises, such as pilates.

183x68cm, 4mm thick. the thickness provides enough cushioning to support your joints, but not too much so that you are falling out of position right before reaching warrior 3.

yes! each mat comes with its own handy bag.

our mats are made from sustainably extracted natural rubber and topped with a thin layer of vegan polyurethane on top to ensure the grippiest of surfaces. like all rubber, there is a slight odour, however this will fade with time. if it is really bothering you, we suggest leaving your mat laid out flat when you are not using it – this will speed up the airing process and get rid of the smell quicker.

please be aware if you have a latex allergy, our mats are made from natural rubber which does contain latex. the top layer is made from vegan polyurethane, which means when using your mat the correct way around, you are not in direct contact with the latex. however, we strongly advise you proceed with caution and contact a medical practitioner to understand the extent of your allergy before purchasing, in case even the base of the mat could cause problems for you.