iced lilac eco-friendly yoga mat
iced lilac eco-friendly yoga mat
iced lilac eco-friendly yoga mat

iced lilac eco-friendly yoga mat

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it’s 2024. there’s really no excuse for using a harmful PVC, slippery yoga mat...
product description
  • eco-friendly and biodegradable - unlike PVC yoga mats, our natural rubber mats are biodegradable in 2-5 years and will not take 1000 years to break down
  • super grippy - no more slipping and sliding on your mat in downward dog – our mats are topped with the grippiest of surfaces, ensuring your practice is not unnecessarily interrupted
  • 4mm thick - optimal thickness providing enough cushioning for your joints, but not too much to throw you off balance
  • 183x68cm - inclusive length and width for all shapes and size
  • central body alignment engraving - to ensure you are practicing safely, our mats have a dotted central line for you to use as a guide
complimentary yoga mat bag included
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please note, this product may not be suitable for you if you have a latex allergy due to the natural rubber base

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why choose a yoga pieces mat?

quality materials & products

we don't do things by halves. premium quality products, always.


coupled with our biodegradable mats, we plant one tree for every mat we sell.


who wants to look at an offensive yoga mat while practicing? not us anyway...

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